The other day I was upgrading a customer’s environment to ConfigMgr 1602 when I ran in to an issue. Following the upgrade to ConfigMgr 1511 I went in to the Updates and Servicing node to upgrade to 1602. I received a No items found message, even though the update had been properly synced according to the logs. These steps allow for a successful SCCM update.

SCCM Update not visible in the console


The reason why this happens is due to the scope of the object in the ConfigMgr RBA. If the account does not have access to All Security Scopes, the update will not be visible.

SCCM Update not visible in the console

Solving this requires you to add the All Security Scopes to the Administrative User/Group which will run the update.

Go to Administration\Overview\Security\Administrative Users, right-click and go to Properties.

Press Add and All Security Scopes.

ConfigMgr RBA - Add All Security Scopes

Once added, the All Security Scope will be visible.

ConfigMgr RBA - All Security Scopes

Once you have added All Security Scopes, close the console and re-open it. Now the update should be visible 🙂




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