I have previously written a blog post about issues when mounting an ISO downloaded from TechNet.

This error is related and the error
synthetic scsi controller failed to power on you will get in Hyper-V when starting the virtual machine from the mounted ISO:

The exact error:

“Synthetic SCSI Controller (Instance ID xxx): Failed to Power on with Error ‘The version does not support this version of the file format’.

synthetic scsi controller failed to power on

How to fix the error

The solution to this problem is to make a copy of the ISO file and then mount the copy instead.

If you want to learn how to create a Hyper-V VM from an ISO using Powershell, read this blog post on the Altaro website by Jefferey Hicks.

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  1. Hello folks,

    The issue is that the file is created as a sparse file, and Hyper-V does not like that. An easy solution is copying the file, but that takes some time. There’s another way:

    Unblock the file if it’s blocked (right-click file, Properties, click ‘Unblock’ followed by OK/Apply).

    Run these commands in an administrative command prompt:

    set file=D:\path\to\yourfile.iso
    attrib -R “%file%”
    fsutil sparse queryflag “%file%”
    fsutil sparse setflag “%file%” 0

    Afterwards, the VM should boot from the ISO successfully. Good luck and enjoy! Please let us know if this helped!



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